We are determined to create a safe work environment which minimizes or eliminates the risks that could cause injury to our employees, subcontractors and the public.

We aim for our sites to have zero accidents. We believe our health and safety standards to be a large part of our success.

To ensure our workforce is well versed in safe practices we offer safety training and education as part of employment with Crown Contracting Limited. Before any employee begins working for Crown Contracting Limited we offer a rigorous safety orientation, comprehensive construction safety training and legal requirements required for workplace health and safety.

We are proud to be in a merit position with Worksafe BC and conduct on-going and annual reviews to continue our good standing.

We are a member of British Columbia Construction Safety Alliance (BCCSA) which focuses on injury prevention, no cost health and safety training, resources and consultation. The BCCSA is a recognized association by Worksafe BC.

For more details download the Health and Safety sheet.